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Our company aims for sustainable practices to obtain and develop biotechnological products using natural compounds from Brazilian phytodiversity



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Improvement of bioactive compound yields in plants and specific tissues using biotechnological tools

Characterization of biological activity of natural compounds

Development of innovative compounds and optimization of purification processes

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Saponins from Quillaja brasiliensis


Arborea Biotech's QB adjuvant is a purified triterpenic saponin fraction extracted from the leaves of Quillaja brasiliensis (soap tree), a native tree from Southern Brazil. Saponins are foaming agents largely used in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, can be used as veterinary vaccine adjuvants, and have potential for use in human vaccines.

Our selected plants are cultivated using innovative sustainable harvesting techniques, without negative impacts to biodiversity.

QB-based adjuvants are able to stimulate both humoral and cellular responses, demonstrating potent immune activity and less hemolytic toxicity.

Efficient immunoadjuvant activity of QB saponins in experimental vaccines against rabies, bovine viral diarrhea virus, bovine herpesvirus and human poliovirus has been proven.

Our extract contains QS-21, the only saponin approved by the FDA for use in human vaccines.


Leaf saponins of Quillaja brasiliensis enhance long-term specific immune responses and promote dose-sparing effect in BVDV experimental vaccines

Novel ISCOMs from Quillaja brasiliensis saponins induce mucosal and systemic antibody production, T-cell responses and improved antigen uptake


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